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ADH Prevails in Appeal before D.C. Circuit

ADH Member, Les Alderman, on behalf of his client Sunday Iyoha, prevailed in an important appeal before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on a national origin discrimination claim.  The client was rejected for a promotion by managers who had previously discriminated against him and others who spoke with foreign accents.  The Court of Appeals agreed with many of Mr. Alderman’s arguments, including that biased managers can influence even unbiased interview panelists into making a discriminatory employment decisions. Read an article from Roll Call on the successful appeal here.

Les Alderman Wins $600,000 Settlement for Two Architect of the Capitol Employees

In May of 2017 Les Alderman achieved a substantial settlement for two Architect of the Capitol employees, including payment of $600,000 and restoration to their prior positions.  The two employees were removed from their shift and denied overtime opportunities after they complained about unsafe work conditions that could lead to asbestos exposure.  As part of the settlement, the employees were paid damages and restored to their shift, where they are once again helping to keep Congress and the public safe from asbestos exposure.