Employment & Civil Rights

Employment law involves a complex collection of interrelated statutes, case law, regulations, policies and private contracts that control the relationship between employer and employee.

The Firm regularly advises both employers and employees who seek to establish and clarify their rights and obligations, particularly with regard to compensation, severance, confidentiality agreements, non-compete clauses, employee handbooks, disciplinary issues, termination, whistleblowing and civil rights violations. Our attorneys also represent clients associated in certain immigration matters associated with employment-based immigration visas.

In litigation, our lawyers represent both employers and employees in civil rights, family medical leave, whistleblower/wrongful termination, wage and hour and employee discipline disputes.

When it comes to representing individuals, our Firm’s philosophy is quality over quantity which means that we accept only a few of the many cases presented to us. We evaluate cases using a simple criterion: whether we think we can take this case to trial and win, as opposed to whether we can get a quick settlement and move on to the next case.

With respect to our business clients, our attorneys have the skill and expertise to recognize litigation risk and to implement litigation strategies to minimize that risk. Our experience representing both employees and employers, gives us a significant advantage over other firms, which focus on only one side, because we are better able to see the big picture and identify our opponents’ vulnerabilities. The Firm’s philosophy is that vigorously defending against frivolous lawsuits saves money in the long run, however, we understand that the determination of whether to litigate is a “business” decision that involves a cost-benefit analysis. Our business clients appreciate that our skilled litigators are available to them at cost-effective “small” firm rates.