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Rep. Blake Farenthold Resigns

Representative Blake Farenthold, against whom ADH filed suit on behalf of former staffer, Lauren Greene, resigned from Congress last week. ADH attorney Les Alderman brought a lawsuit on Ms. Greene’s behalf against Farenthold for sexual harassment and retaliation he and his office subjected her to while she served as his communications director.  Originally, Farenthold said he would serve out his term and not seek re-election in the fall. He has said little about his unexpected resignation. For a longer take on the story see this article.

ADH Files Sex and Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Capitol Police on Behalf of Female Officer

ADH attorney, Les Alderman, is representing a Capitol Police Officer in her lawsuit against the Capitol Police for sex and disability discrimination and retaliation. The officer, Mauricia Van Meter, was improperly expelled from the training program for the force’s prestigious K-9 unit due to her gender and disability.  Read a Washington Post article on the lawsuit here.

ADH Attorney Les Alderman Interviewed on MSNBC about Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill

ADH attorney Les Alderman appeared on MSNBC’s Sunday program, Kasie DC, where he was interviewed by Kasie Hunt about sexual harassment on Capitol Hill, the impact of filing a claim, and whether Members of Congress should be required to resign following allegations of harassment. A video of the interview may be found here.

ADH Law Helps Lauren Green Navigate Media Frenzy

ADH Law helps Lauren Green navigate the media frenzy surrounding her allegations against Congressman Blake Farenthold, including her appearance on AC360 with Anderson Cooper. The video of Ms. Green’s appearance on AC360 may be found here.

Les Alderman Op. Ed. On House GOP Sexual Harassment Bill Published in Politico

Politico published an editorial by ADH attorney, Les Alderman, on the pending House Republican bill that would bar taxpayer dollars from being used to pay out settlements to victims of sexual harassment by members of Congress. The proposed legislation would also force any future settlements between lawmakers and victims to be made public and the names of those involved in any past settlements to be revealed.   Mr. Alderman argues that the bill is bad for the victim’s of sexual harassment and would discourage victims from coming forward in the future. The full text of the article can be found here.


Three ADH Lawyers Win “Super Lawyers” Award for 2018

ADH law is proud to announce that its attorneys Les Alderman, Sundeep Hora, and John F. Karl, Jr. were selected as Super Lawyers for 2018.  This marks the third year Mr. Alderman and Mr. Hora have received the award and Mr. Karl’s second year.

Les Alderman Appears on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle to Discuss Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill

Les Alderman appeared on The Ingraham Angle, a nationally broadcast program on Fox News, on November 16, 2017 to discuss his experience representing victims of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill and against Members of Congress, including the need to change the Congressional Accountability Act and Office of Compliance complaint process to better protect victims of harassment.  The full video of the segment is

ADH Law is Pleased to Welcome Versely Rosales and Savanna Shuntich to the Firm

Versely Rosales and Savanna Shuntich recently joined ADH Law. Ms. Rosales is a New York City native and joins the firm after clerking on the State of New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division. She is a part of ADH’s property law practice, and is handling both litigation and transactional work.  Ms. Shuntich has joined ADH’s employment and general civil litigation practice and comes to ADH from another DC firm.

Les Alderman Wins $600,000 Settlement for Two Architect of the Capitol Employees

In May of 2017 Les Alderman achieved a substantial settlement for two Architect of the Capitol employees, including payment of $600,000 and restoration to their prior positions.  The two employees were removed from their shift and denied overtime opportunities after they complained about unsafe work conditions that could lead to asbestos exposure.  As part of the settlement, the employees were paid damages and restored to their shift, where they are once again helping to keep Congress and the public safe from asbestos exposure.

ADH Attorney Wins Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Case Against DOT and Prevails in All Agency’s Subsequent Appeals

Sundeep Hora successfully represented a Department of Transportation employee in an age and race discrimination, hostile work environment, and retaliation case against the Agency. Mr. Hora’s client was demoted in 2008 within the Department of Transportation, given work below her skill and grade level, and issued unjustified poor performance evaluations. After a hearing before an Administrative Judge, the client was awarded back pay and reinstatement to her old position within the Department. Mr. Hora then prevailed when the DOT filed an Appeal with the EEOC in 2014, a Motion for Reconsideration of the EEOC decision in 2015, and again in February 2017 when the Agency lost a Petition for Clarification with the EEOC. During the pendency of one of the Agency’s appeals, the client voluntarily retired.  Mr. Hora was able to secure her backpay during her retirement by successfully arguing that the client would not have retired from her demoted position had the Agency timely restored her to her position before the unlawful discrimination, as ordered by the Administrative Judge.