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ADH Wins $280,000 Judgment Against Architect of the Capitol in Disability Discrimination Case

ADH Member, Les Alderman, filed suit against the Architect of the Capitol on behalf of Justin McGuire for, among other things, disability discrimination and retaliation resulting in Mr. McGuire’s termination from his job as a high voltage electrician with the Architect of the Capitol.  After the completion of discovery, the Architect made an Offer of Judgment in the total amount of $280,000.  Such judgements, in which the defendant voluntarily accepts a judgment against it, are highly unusual in civil litigation.

ADH Member Cary Devorsetz Honored by the Community Associations Institute

In November 2019, the Metropolitan Washington Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) awarded ADH Member, Cary Devorsetz, the District of Columbia Public Advocate of the Year Award.  The ceremony took place at the Chapter’s Annual Awards gala.  Mr. Devorsetz received the award for his work as chair of the subcommittee that is drafting the District of Columbia homeowner’s association statute.

ADH Prevails in Appeal before D.C. Circuit

ADH Member, Les Alderman, on behalf of his client Sunday Iyoha, prevailed in an important appeal before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on a national origin discrimination claim.  The client was rejected for a promotion by managers who had previously discriminated against him and others who spoke with foreign accents.  The Court of Appeals agreed with many of Mr. Alderman’s arguments, including that biased managers can influence even unbiased interview panelists into making a discriminatory employment decisions. Read an article from Roll Call on the successful appeal here.

ADH Client Sues Omni Resorts & Hotels

On April 29, 2019, Les Alderman on behalf of his client, sued Omni Resorts & Hotels as well as one of its executives for sex discrimination, Equal Pay Act violations and retaliation.  Mr. Alderman’s client complained about a two-tiered pay scale that resulted in male executives in similar positions being paid more than female executives.  After she complained, the client was terminated on false grounds.  The case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for violation of the D.C. Human Rights Act and the Equal Pay Act. The suit seeks, among other things, economic damages, pain and suffering damages and punitive damages against both defendants.

ADH Member Les Alderman Interviewed by Newsy about Congressional Accountability Act

Mr. Alderman, who represented Hill staffer Lauren Greene in her sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer Congressman Blake Farenthold, was recently interviewed by Newsy about changes to the Congressional Accountability Act.  The Act protects Hill staffers and other employees of the legislative branch against harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.  Mr. Alderman expressed his concerns that the reforms were incomplete and that Congress would declare victory and move on to other legislative goals without making much needed further changes to the Act.  Listen to the complete interview here

Les Alderman Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered

ADH law member, Les Alderman was interviewed on All Things Considered by reporter Kelsey Snell about proposed changes to the Congressional Accountability Act.  The Act provides protections for Hill staffers and other employees of the legislative branch against harassment, discrimination, and retaliation but has been the target of much criticism since the rise of the #MeToo movement for providing inadequate protection.  Mr. Alderman previously represented Congressional staffer Lauren Green in a lawsuit against her employer Congressman Blake Farenthold, which was brought under Congressional Accountability Act.  Ms. Green was also featured on the program.  Listen to the full story here.

ADH Settles Claim Against Congressional Agency.

Les Alderman settled a significant discrimination claim on behalf of an employee of a Congressional Agency.  The settlement called for a cash payment of well over $150,000, as well as an immediate substantial promotion for the employee. 

ADH Law member, Sundeep Hora, is appointed to serve on the Board on Professional Responsibility for a three-year term.

Sundeep Hora, was recently appointed to serve on the District of Columbia Court of Appeal’s Board of Professional Responsibility for a three-year term.  The nine-member Board oversees the District of Columbia’s system of attorney discipline and decides cases concerning attorney misconduct.

Its members are appointed by the Board of Judges of the District of Columbia’s Court of Appeals.  Mr. Hora previously served as a Chair of a Hearing Committee, where he and the other Committee members made attorney discipline recommendations to the Board.  Mr. Hora was sworn in as a Board member on September 13, 2018.  The Court of Appeal’s announcement of Mr. Hora’s appointment may be found here:

ADH Law settles $400,000 case against the District of Columbia in hostile work environment and retaliation claim.

In August 2018, ADH Member, Les Alderman, settled a lawsuit filed on behalf of an employee of a District of Columbia agency for $400,000.  The plaintiff was subjected to a hostile work environment based on her disability and regularly subjected to insults such as “crip” and “cripple” over the course of her employment.  When the plaintiff complained about the hostile environment, she was terminated.

Rep. Blake Farenthold Resigns

Representative Blake Farenthold, against whom ADH filed suit on behalf of former staffer, Lauren Greene, resigned from Congress last week. ADH attorney Les Alderman brought a lawsuit on Ms. Greene’s behalf against Farenthold for sexual harassment and retaliation he and his office subjected her to while she served as his communications director.  Originally, Farenthold said he would serve out his term and not seek re-election in the fall. He has said little about his unexpected resignation. For a longer take on the story see this article.